Life Alchemy 
Specialized in Intuition, Energy, and Emotion

Are you tired of jumping around from yoga class to energy healers to therapists with limited results?  

Are you working on yourself, developing positive habits, and still feel like there's one more piece you're missing?  

Are you ready for new energy and a new approach that aligns with your Highest Potential?

Working in this area, I combine years of self-development, meditation, spirituality, and life coaching.  

I work as a guide, coach, and mentor to help you reconnect with yourself and your true essence - the essence of love, fun, freedom, and power

  • Triumph over internal challenges and negativity. 

  • Triumph over external challenges and stress.  

  • Develop healthy relationships with one's self and others.

  • Reconnect to the Energy of Love and Fun

  • Live with gratitude and abundance. 


New York City

Virtual / Remote