Hi, my name is Josh Tan and I am happily supporting my clients and blending my passions within my life's work of Intuitive Coaching, Energy Guidance, and Conscious Awakening. 


I Coach and Guide my clients in exploring their self, freedom, and alignment.  My clients transform in awareness and heal in mindset and emotional capacity.


My method blends the worlds of intuition and intellect making universal truths easy to learn and apply.  This work connects us to our ultimate selves.  We heal and release negativity. We discover our power and freedom.  We remember our self-expression and return to alignment.  

I have always been an expressive intellectual with a joyful big heart and nurturing nature.  I have felt a connection to something larger, something universal that connects us and fills us with joy, purpose, and energy.  Thankfully, it took losing myself to really find myself.   


In the beginning, I occupied myself with achievements, academics, and being accepted.  I studied self-development to become a better person, more productive, and learn social interaction.   In my thinking, doing all the right things was the path to freedom and fulfillment. 



The combination of my high IQ and drive lead to a prosperous career as a Materials Engineer.  I found myself in a highly demanding aerospace career working alongside C-level executives.  I found success and continued my self-development to advance myself.  I was "winning" multiple new positions and responsibilities. 


Despite the growing exterior successes, I was trapped by interior dissatisfaction.  I could only recognize myself in fleeting moments of celebration.  I spent most of my energy managing negative emotions and thoughts.  I felt trapped by keeping up with the world around me and practiced escapism on the weekends.  I was no longer living joyfully or with purpose and my internal state was greatly misaligned.  The way I was living was not sustainable and something had to help me break this cycle of feeling trapped.


Becoming aware that external success was not the path to access the connection and freedom I desired, I turned inward.  The 'self-help' category was no longer cutting it so I turned to the traditions of enlightenment.  Quieting the mind and finding peace was the freedom I craved.  The deep sense of awareness and connection supported me greatly.  The unease and constraints began to loosen and I continued to search and learn. 

As my awakening continued I embraced the unseen universe of energy, frequency, and vibration.  Raising my consciousness had many benefits but also contained a unique set of challenges.  My new way of thinking did not match my reality.  How did all these universal truths and energies really work?  My perception of freedom and fulfillment was temperamental.   I still found myself swinging between highs and lows of life. 

Feeling disconnected and divided I turned to coaches and the work of TRANSFORMATION instead of improvement.   The power of coaching located the missing piece, the key to freedom I had been searching for my entire life.  Finally, all the tools, mindsets, energies, beliefs, and practices made sense. 


Myself, my search, my purpose and everything everywhere became connected.  

And with that connection came the choice, the freedom, and the fulfillment I live with today. 

After a decade of searching and learning, I've combined my passions of self-growth, intuition, and energy.  I now combine all of my skills to help you on your path of growth, connection, and freedom.  It is my ultimate mission to help others realize their true nature and unlock their unlimited potential.  


Josh's coaching mission and personal manifesto encourages and teaches you to:

  • live authentically in word and deed,

  • seek your highest truth and potential,

  • achieve personal peace and bliss,

  • overcome limiting mindsets,

  • release negative emotions, and

  • elevate the world and others.


New York City

Virtual / Remote