Are you being called

To a HIGHER vibration?

  • Are you fed up with the everyday status quo?  ​

  • Has your personal or professional life plateaued? 

  • Do you want to elevate yourself and your level of impact?

  • Are you curious about the invisible energy of the world? 

  • Would you benefit from connecting energy and reality?

We are planning a seminar in April to;

  • Learn energy and vibration awareness. 

  • Learn how the human frequency affects reality. 

  • Learn practical ways to use and interact with your energy. 

  • Empower yourself and others around you. 

Learn from experts and practitioners. 

Network with your tribe.

Share your gifts. 

Raise your vibration. 

Who we are: a network of light workers, energy healers, and holistic practitioners dedicated to guiding, healing, and assisting you on your path of growth, happiness, and fulfillment.  

Currently building our team!



Energy is an expansive topic, we are looking for speakers, practitionersworkshop leaders, and collaborators in all modalities to help create a space for our audience. 

The goal is to:

  1. Educate our audience in energy and vibration. 

  2. Share practical exercises and ways to use energy.

  3. Empower our audience to make an impact.

Vendors also welcome to inquire for opportunities. ​

Agenda (work-in-progress):

  1. Intro to Energy 101.

    • What is energy? Energy observed in history and/or science. 

    • Examples of energy, prana, qi, spirit, aether, etc

  2. Accessing Energy.

    • Ways to interact with energy​

    • Chakras, Aura, Biofield, Energy Body​, etc

  3. Working with your energy. 

    • Enhance, balance, repair, maintain, your energy​

  4. Practical Use of Energy in Daily Living. 

    • Healing, Manifestation, Divination, Protection, etc.

  5. Energy "how-to" demonstration / workshop ​

  6. Elevating the world & projecting your energy. 

New York City

Virtual / Remote