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Client Succes Stories and Projects

Client 2


Completed massive production equipment upgrades with $1M+ in capital investment. 


Resulting in: 

30% Capacity Increase

20% Waste Reduction 

45% Equipment Reliability Increase 

Client 3


Implemented 3 Lean Six Sigma projects reducing $1M+ in costs. 

Reduced failure rate by 40% 

Reduced costs per goods by 9% per pound. 
Restructured operational costs preventing a department shut down.

Client 5


This client approached us to discover the hidden ceiling to client generation and productivity. 


After working together in a 1-on-1 performance coaching the client was able to generate more leads and double their client load.

Client 6


This client approached us to work on limiting business systems. 


After working together in a 1-on-1 capacity, the client was able to attract 25% more clients, increase average customer value by 10%, and reduce total monthly hours worked by 20%.



A.C., Plant Manager, Superalloys

Josh an I accomplished a lot together at the superalloy shop. Josh is a terrific engineering professional with a great attitude making him a very effective teammate. Josh lead many well coordinated projects that improved our business and strengthened our relationship with key customers.  Essentially, Josh is an individual of genuinely strong character capable of providing contributions that are significant and meaningful


K.S., Asst. Director,
Analytical Services

It is a pleasure to work with Josh as a consultant.  He is always positive and encouraging, and specific with strategic actions.  After 25 years in business development, I still feel like I improve with each session with Josh.  My time with Josh is always a highlight of my week and very valuable. 


J.P., Sr. Product Engineer, Aerospace

Josh is a very talented person.... I observed how quickly he grasps new concepts and is able to come up with ideas to improve processes. I also witnessed how Josh was able to lead multiple six sigma projects and deliver actions that resulted in high cost savings for the company. I strongly believe that for any team, Josh is an extreme asset as a team member or leader.


C.M., CEO - Marketing Agency

Josh is insightful and easy to work with! He understands both the people and business side of growth! I highly recommend working with him if you are ready to grow your business and get your time back!


E.A., Psychotherapist

Working with Josh allowed me to transcend long-held blocks that subconsciously held me back from my ultimate potential. Josh is an intuitive genius who will effortlessly guide you to find the inner gold you seek. I’m blown away by his skills and the effectiveness of his unique work. Highly recommend!


A.R., Business Coach

Working with Josh has been extremely transformational. During our first session alone, I was able to break through blocks that had been hindering the growth of my business. Josh helped me gain clarity and fully step into my role as a leader. His knowledge, experience, and intuition enables business owners like myself to see the bigger picture and grow on a personal and professional level. I highly recommend his service and am eager to work with him again.

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