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Josh Tan is an inspired leader.  He works as a business growth consultant, motivational speaker, and transformational coach.  Josh strongly believes that you are capable of anything and your business is a channel to your life's purpose, passion, and profit. ​

As a high performing engineer in multiple fortune 500 facilities, Josh mastered many world class manufacturing systems and management styles.  Covering multiple industries and sectors he now works to bring the best tools to unique manufacturers and businesses.  His efforts help small to medium businesses grow, scale, and exit at high multiple evaluations.


Josh's background in Material Science and Aerospace Manufacturing allow him to generate solutions to his clients' biggest problems.  Using a holistic approach to business clients are guaranteed to see improvements in business and life.


Josh's career includes a powerful decade in engineering.  His career began in a research laboratory working on carbon friendly ceramics.  The bulk of his career focused on advanced manufacturing including jet engines and advanced alloys.  As a creative problem solver, Josh mastered manufacturing systems such as Six Sigma, Lean, and SCRUM. In order to empower large teams of engineers and staff, Josh mastered communication, influence, and management through the work of Landmark and positive psychology.  To round out his career knowledge, Josh has trained with a world-class consulting firm in financial and management consulting.  Josh's in-depth industrial knowledge comes second to his energy and charisma as a leader.    Josh has a natural ability to influence others towards greatness and inspiration.  Combining the best of analysis and awareness Josh is able to transform problems into solutions and businesses into organizations.  

Josh holds a B.S. in Material Science Engineer, a Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma, and has completed multiple leadership positions in engineering, operations, and management.  

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Our Driving Force

At Alchemist Consulting we believe that businesses and leaders have a responsibility to impact the world and workforce in a positive way.  

Our core values are 

  • Client First - the client's best interests always come first. 

  • Integrity - being authentic and transparent in all business needs. 

  • Impact - consistently working towards positive sustainable change. 

  • Fun - while working together, we will overcome many challenges and have fun while doing it.

We strive to empower businesses and causes that have unique products that improve customer lives.  We believe that profit and purpose are the cornerstones to success. 



What Makes Us Different

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our three unique abilities.


First we pull from many years of experience in operations and management.  We really get a sense of 'rolling up our sleeves' as well as leadership's big picture.  Connecting both the brains and boots on the ground a winning conversation. 

Second we are tactical and practical.  We make complex solutions simple so they stick with your team and your process.  We do more than just problem solving.  Unlike other 'pay per problem' consultants, we teach teams how to be successful so changes last long after we complete our project. 

Third we know our people.  We focus on relationships and strong communication. We know what it's like to be a mid tier business.  We know what it's like to have more demands than you have people.  So we offer Fortune 500 Best Practices at a fractional price.


As a up and coming engineer, Josh originally believed that business and profit were the only factors to success.  He aggressively climbed the corporate ladder, obtained multiple leadership positions and professional certifications.  To push and compete even higher, Josh learned the best techniques in high performance, coaching, and self development.  Coming full circle, he now combines the best of both worlds as a leading consulting and business strategist.  He works with business owners to succeed in business performance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the owners as well as employees.

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