Are you a successful business owner with a stable business who would benefit from.... 

  • An additional 10-20% profitability

  • Less hours worked with a higher quality of life

  • Key projects completed on time and on budget

  • Increased average customer value and satisfaction

  • Optimized processes that eliminate waste and scrap

  • Energized employees who perform at their best

  • and... 

  • A business that is enjoyable and sustainable.. even when you are out of the office? 


Can you imagine an enriching life AND a business that is thriving year after year? 

My name is Josh Tan and I help business owners optimize their businesses while improving their quality of life. 

I'm a high achiever just like you. 


During my 10 year career in Aerospace Engineering, I climbed the corporate ladder with a toolbox of techniques in modern efficiency and personal development. 


I used the best to become the best. 


Unfortunately I did this at the cost of my health and happiness. 


After a cycle of amazing achievements and countless hours of stress and burnout, I started to ask myself, what else is life about?   

I left it all behind to teach others what how to support themselves personally while succeeding professionally.  

You know longer have to trade your time and happiness for wealth. 

And this is true for your life AND your business. 

I operate with business owners to optimize their 3 core elements, people, processes, and profits. 

Using the M.O.S.S. marketing, operation, sales, and service your business can be earning as much as 20% more. 

It is my mission to combine the best of personal development and professional success.  This path starts with you and I. 

Looking forward to connecting with you further.  

New York City

Virtual / Remote